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Okay, so a lot of you know that I've been working on a novel with drakonlily for, oh, over a year now. We originally wrote it as a fanfic and decided (with some constant prodding from our loved ones and many online friends; thank you thank you) to take it down and completely rework it into an original. What started out as a silly, derivative, and fun way to pass the time has turned into something we could actually call entirely our own. The characters, who were pretty much OOC to begin with, have been developed and given real personalities, depth, and realistic flaws. The worlds have all received the same overhaul. All the concepts we wanted to put in before but never really worked with the fanfic world finally got the airtime they deserved. It was SO liberating to cut out all the unnecessary things we HAD put in that were only there to keep it within the realm of fanfiction. The sap has been cleared away in favor of a richer romance, which in turn has become a subplot instead of the main focus. I love our story. There are even parts that make us cry, and we're the ones who wrote them in the first place.

Essentially, it's a brand-new book that used the fic as a skeleton on which to build. Even if nothing ever happens with it, I am very proud of the story.

And now the entire point of this post:

The manuscript for "Created" is now officially on its way to our first submission attempt. First time--for either of us--submitting anything to a real publisher. First time I've ever been involved in anything worth submitting. If it appears that I'm saying this very calmly, it's only because I'm trying to appear unruffled, unexcited, and absolutely blase about the whole thing.

Oh, who am I trying to kid?

< squee>


< /squee>

Ok...better now. X-posted to plain_english, writer_girls and chocobogoddess

**EDIT: LJ is having issues, so apologies if something weird happens in the middle of the entry. I have tried to fix it; I'll check back later to make sure it stays fixed.**

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