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Fanfics into Original Fics

Here's a question. Is it really cheap of me to take some of my really AU fanfics and turn them into original pieces? It's happening with Created--which was almost a complete original to begin with--and now it's started happening with No Wish to be Alone.

I had ORIGINALLY started reworking NWtbA as a fanfic with the idea that I would fix some of the things I didn't like about the first version. I got about four chapters in and thought, 'wow, wouldn't it be cool if I could have them do this...but it's not within their characters...nor is it in the setup'. My next thought was, 'well, if it's my fic, why not just make the changes I WANT to make and make it an original fic? Change the character names, take out the things that are only there to keep it in the world of Final Fantasy VII, put in the concepts and ideas I DID want...why shouldn't I?

Sometimes, I look at it and think I'm doing a good job, sometimes I'm not so sure. Has anyone ever run into this before? I have fanfics that are fanfic ONLY in the sense that they deal with characters from a particular fandom. Some of my fics are definitely Fanfics; I wouldn't change Rose of Mideel or Truth of Memory because they deal very closely with the fandom world and the canon story.

So...discuss. Any thoughts?

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