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<3 my stories

Ever fall in love with your stories, your characters, and your worlds? I think most of us do; we have to love what we're writing or we wouldn't write it. I get all tingly and warm and fuzzy thinking about my characters' romances and start rooting for them when they get into tough spots.

But...ever try to tell someone about your story, and suddenly think, 'oh, god, this sounds awful'?

Maybe it's because I usually have this problem when telling a person who doesn't read fantasy about my fantasy story. I just see their eyes glaze over and the pasted smiled shows up...the 'I'm listening, REALLY' smile. You know the one? I'm 28, so it's always interesting to see the reactions I get when people find out I like video games or anime. The same thing happens, though, when I try to explain the plot of the fantasy novel I'm working on.

Is it just me? Or have any of you had that happen? It bugs the hell out of me. It's like they think I'm too old to do stuff like that. Never mind that I don't know many fantasy writers under 30. But I feel like I'm trying to explain a fairy tale or something.

Gah. I'm still rambling. Anyway, comments appreciated.

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